Old post from an old blog:

I’m not much for the light. I like the shadows. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Most times the worst thing in the shadows, if you find yourself there, is you.

The sun has no draw for me. It’s either too hot or not warm enough. The shadows though, you always know what you’re getting. On hot Southern days it’s like sliding into a cool lake if you find the right shade to take refuge in. The sun tries to kill me those days and the shade comes in like a knight on a dark horse to rescue me.

There’s no trick to them. They aren’t anything really. Just an absence of light. A place where light cannot penetrate. A nothing.

It’s nice there, in the shadows. Sometimes they comfort me. Other times they conceal me. And not a lot of people are big fans of them, so I know when I meet someone else in the shadows that I’ve found one of my own. Most times.

Maybe I will find that parellel world someday where the sun is black. Think of it. Close your eyes. A black sun that emits shadow instead of light. And where the shadows are supposed to be light. Well, where we think the shadows are supposed to be.

I think I might enjoy that world. For a little while.


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