Still Thinking

I may have just had a bad night and morning. I'm prone to a little depression at times as most folks are. I enjoy writing here, and I guess I'm just experiencing a little post-Christmas Blues. Not that I'm big on Christmas or anything. So what's up with me tonight? I'm sitting here reading about … Continue reading Still Thinking

I Didn’t Come Here Looking For A Fight

I’m pretty easy going. I go along and get along about a lot of things. I have, begrudgingly, worn a mask (😷 great there’s an emoji for it now) more than I have wanted. I work retail and see more people walking in stores without masks than I care to. Maybe it doesn’t do anything, … Continue reading I Didn’t Come Here Looking For A Fight

The Creepy Line

It’s interesting that Amazon would suggest that I watch this movie but then tells me that it is unavailable. οΏΌ I wonder, what’s the reason that this is unavailable? Gotta keep a lid on it. Seegars