Everywhere I Don’t Want To Be

When we got up this morning she had taken sick. Fever, aching, and chills. Our youngest hasn’t been feeling well and we decided both of them should stay home. The wife had no choice; a fever puts her out of work during regular times with her being in home health. She went for a Covid/Flu/RSV … Continue reading Everywhere I Don’t Want To Be

Still Thinking

I may have just had a bad night and morning. I'm prone to a little depression at times as most folks are. I enjoy writing here, and I guess I'm just experiencing a little post-Christmas Blues. Not that I'm big on Christmas or anything. So what's up with me tonight? I'm sitting here reading about … Continue reading Still Thinking


I went to church this morning. When I walked in I was immediately given a judgmental look because I wasn't wearing a mask. None of my family was. The problem with that for me is these are people I genuinely respect doing this to me and mine. Respect is earned by the way you are … Continue reading Division

Fear Mongering

Did you know that there was a vaccine for Covid? Did you know that there are several? Of course you did! I’ll bet most everyone that has any kind of communication with the world knows this. You’re not stupid. You’re actually probably a pretty smart cookie. (Although reading my blog might bring that into question.) … Continue reading Fear Mongering