Easter and Podcast Sunday

It has been a minute since we’ve had the time to sit down and record but we’re back on the...air? I sat down with Sam and we talked about the Road To Nowhere and some of our adventures in the mountains of NC today. It’s short as far as podcasts though and we’re still getting … Continue reading Easter and Podcast Sunday

Stepping Up

This isn’t going to be much of a post. Just showing a little progress in our podcasting setup. Our mic stand/scissor arms came in today. Starting to look like we’re actually trying to do something. I get to balance some sound and figure out my mixing board this week in the evenings. It may not … Continue reading Stepping Up

A List

I’m looking at an article from ListVerse.com about obscure cryptids that you’ve never heard of. I’m thinking about picking two or three to talk about this week on our little podcast. The Big Muddy Monster The Goatman The Fresno Nightcrawlers The Van Meter Monster The Slide-Rock Bolter Altamaha-ha The Frogman The Pukwudgies Lizard Man (done) … Continue reading A List