Boys Day Out

My daughter is gone on a trip with the band and since it was the boys first year he didn’t go. We had a boys day out today. We went to get our haircuts, did some shopping, hit up Walmart and Lowes, grabbed some lunch, and took a friend along. My daughters prized possession and … Continue reading Boys Day Out

Gonna Be A Rough Day/Night/Morning

I’m lying here, drugged, trying to fall asleep. #DADMode Keeping up with my priorities which today were: 1. Church βœ… 2. Recording The Podcast With Sam βœ… 3. Editing The Podcast (In Progress) 4. Sleep (I’m Trying) 5. Off To Work At Midnight (Reset) 6. Taking Delivery Of A New Range Some Time Tomorrow It’s … Continue reading Gonna Be A Rough Day/Night/Morning


Amazing how much control people think they have over you because of a job. It’s a mindset. A prison. We all depend on one another. The title manager or even supervisor is just that, a title. The ability to wield that title is earned through experience and a certain amount of respect. You can’t lead … Continue reading Control