The Weekend Is Almost Over

I love Sunday. I wouldn't say I like Sunday nights. No, Sunday night is when the stress of the week starts building. I check my schedule after having my work phone turned off all weekend. I would be better if our scheduler would work properly but it scatters hours all over the week. This is … Continue reading The Weekend Is Almost Over

Last Night

The weather was so nice and the sky so clear that I wouldn't have thought it was Christmas night. Ive spent much colder Christmases far away from home. So warmth, both physically and emotionally, are welcome. Knives sharpened. Car gassed upβ€”time for a four-day workweek. I'm off Friday so that I can keep the kids … Continue reading Last Night

The End

Yeah, it’s almost the end of the week. It makes me happy. It hasn’t been as rough as the previous week but rough enough miles and timewise. We’ve had a couple of cases of Covid in the marching band and it has cut back on the number of members who are able to perform. It's … Continue reading The End


I'm drinking the first cup of coffee I've had since Saturday morning. I was drinking way too much and it was affecting my sleep. I've noticed I've been sleeping more soundly. It’s a good thing and I really haven’t experienced any negative side effects. Coffee and Stones This afternoon I just wanted a cup of … Continue reading Changes


Today marks four hundred days that I’ve been blogging here. I haven’t missed a single day. It has been a lesson in discipline. I didn’t start writing this for followers or to share any great truths. I write about what’s on my mind, what I’ve been doing, and where I’m going. I've shared some pics, … Continue reading 400

Test Stores

We are starting a new and exciting chapter for our company, working with another nationwide chain to help organize and stock stores. They are shorthanded and need the help. I have been by myself in a cooler for the majority of the last eight hours. It's cold, and I've been through about 125 cases of … Continue reading Test Stores