The Camera You Have With You

Turtles getting some sun. Taken with my Canon. I packed β€œthe real camera” up last night and took it with me today. I have a DSLR and various lenses. I don't have as much time to go out and play with it as I used to. The Drowned World. Also taken with my Canon. The … Continue reading The Camera You Have With You

Playing Around

I was out just playing around with the GoPro Hero8 on the roof mount. I don’t have a lot of experience with nightshots. This is how I learn. Nothing much tonight. I have something I want to write but if I do it’s all going to spill out and I ain’t ready. Taking time to … Continue reading Playing Around


I set up the GoPro for a quick NIGHTLAPSE last night. I didn’t use an external battery as it was supposed to rain but the stars and clouds playing together is pretty neat for me. Gif because video is BIG. I probably need to figure somewhere that I can store these online to make it … Continue reading Overnight