People Don’t Anymore

I was outside taking a mid-morning break when an older gentleman walked out of the store. I watch the people around me and notice things. It's a good habit. This gentleman was wearing a heavy coat, red baseball cap, grey running shorts reminiscent of Army PT gear, flip flops, and socks. His gait wasn't the … Continue reading People Don’t Anymore

Supposed To Be

Sometimes you wind up exactly where you’re supposed to be. Last night I worked overnight on some activities. This has become my Thursday night thing. At one of my stores I was looking for a large shipment that hadn’t come in yet and asked one of the new guys who was the manager on duty … Continue reading Supposed To Be

I’m Not

I'm not going to bow. I'm not going to kneel. I'm not going to submit. I'm not going to start treating people any differently than I always have. I'm not going to start judging people by color. I'm not going to destroy. I'm not going to harm. I'm not going to let the angry masses … Continue reading I’m Not