Back At It

I'm feeling pretty good about this week. Solving the problem on my truck and getting it back on the road changed my outlook. The possibility of having to buy another vehicle is still out there, but now it's out there. I do not want another car payment. My schedule is lighter this weekβ€”just the three … Continue reading Back At It

Guter Samstag

Today has been long but worth it. I was up at 5 AM and off to finish my closest store for work. It was only five or six activities but with help being scarce a Saturday morning was called for. After that, I headed home to work on a problem with Dad. My truck has … Continue reading Guter Samstag

A Fool And His Money

I've been browsing for the last couple of weeks looking for a β€œnew to me” car. Used car prices have, of course, skyrocketed thanks to our governments and the current administration's sα΄α΄œΙ΄α΄… ꜰΙͺsα΄„α΄€ΚŸ ᴘᴏʟΙͺᴄʏ. It's quite ridiculous. A new car to me is out of the question. The prices in new automobiles, trucks especially, are … Continue reading A Fool And His Money

And Done

I'm writing this to myself from Sunday night, hoping that I'll be alive at the end of the week. 😏 It's going to be a tough oneβ€”several large projects to complete. I would love to have some permanent help. I ended up in the middle of a perfectly wholesome thread about dishes this afternoon. This … Continue reading And Done

Short Time

I've kind of stopped writing about work here. That gets boring. But I have nothing else tonight so... This was my first paycheck since I got a significant raise. It really showed this morning when I went to check on Workday. Nothing like knowing you're actually making better money to motivate you. My hours the … Continue reading Short Time

Days End

I'm exhausted this evening. Plan A is still in effect. I am well pleased. March is coming in hot. The temp is jumping up a bit. I would prefer to keep the cold weather much longer. Spring can come, but summer follows. I do not like the heat. The only time I appreciate the heat … Continue reading Days End